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tart to coal-fueled generators to ●ease the shortage of liquefied natural gas in northern China. In a notice released on Th●ursday but only widely publicized on Saturday, the capital's City Management Commission c●onfirmed that the National Development and Reform Commission, the top economic planner, h●ad ordered a restart of coal-fueled generators to reduce LNG consumption, Caixin magazine● reported. k

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Three major power plants in Beijing confirmed that they had received the noti●ce, Caixin reported. To cut concentrations of PM2.5-hazardous fine particulate matter w●ith a diameter of 2.5 microns or less-28 cities including Beijing, Tianjin and cities in● Hebei, Shanxi, Shandong and Henan provinces were to use electricity or gas for heating t●his winter, instead of coal, which is considered the main cause of the lingering winter s●mog. However, as the h7

eating season began, some people in these areas found their homes ●and schools freezing, mainly due to LNG shortages. The Ministry of Environmental Protect●ion has told authorities to "ensure a warm winter" for the public rather than delay heati●ng supplies in some northern areas due to natural gas shortages or unfinished projects. ●Areas that have not yet completed conversion projects to replace coal with gas or electri●c heating can use cok

al or any other available measures, the ministry said in a circular r●eleased on Thursday. The China Huaneng power plant in eastern Beijing had restarted one ●of its coal-fueled generators as of Friday night, with another ready for restart at any t●ime. Another two plants could also go into service if necessary, the source said. In 20●13, the capital began a gradual process to replace coal-fueled generators with equipment ●powered9

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by natural gas. The city achieved its coal-free target in March this year. The o●ld generators at the Huaneng plant were held in reserve in case they were needed. Accord●ing to the commission's website, one of the coal-fired generators was used over the summe●r to cope with a spike in electricity usage for air conditioners during a heat wave.June 27 (Xinhua) -- China will cut excess capacity in steel and coal as part of its ec●onol

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mic structural reform, Premier Li Keqiang vowed as he addressed the opening of the● Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2016, or Summer Davos, in Tianjin on Monday. Th●e government will continue to focus especially on supply-side structural reform by re●ducing supply of inefficient and low-end products and services while encouraging more● in-demand and premium ones, a process that will boost economic growth, Li told deleg●ates at the forum. 8

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An important part of the supply-side reform is cutting excess cap●acity in sectors including steel and coal, and this will be further pushed mainly "wi●th a market-oriented and law-abiding approach," he said. According to the premier, g●overnments and enterprises will take measures to reemploy steel workers and coal mine●rs made redundant. "Overcapacity is a global challenge and China stands ready to be ●a responsible country with all these proactive measd

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Medical Hospital Branch

ures," he said. The government wU

ntral governmer | nt. Huada St◆8
Medical Hospital Branch

i●ll reform on its own servicesl

eel in eastern0 | China's Jiang3
Medical Hospital Branch

to cut red tape and regulate emH

su Province anK | d Anfeng SteelH
Medical Hospital Branch

erging sectors or busine●ss modh

in northern CT | hina's Hebei Pw
Medical Hospital Branch

els, Li said. He also promised tm

rovince were iE | d◆entified byk
Medical Hospital Branch

hat China will make adjustments Z

authorities i8 | n December forX
Medical Hospital Branch

in fiscal, fin●ancial and invesq

violating caph | acity reductioy
Medical Hospital Branch

tment areas to guide support towY

n efforts in t4 | he sector withZ
Medical Hospital Branch

ards the real economy, deepen re7

"ex◆tremely 5 | bad influence.2
Medical Hospital Branch

forms● in state-owned enterprisf

" Thanks in paH | rt to the effou
Medical Hospital Branch

es and give private firms more aW

rts, China's bA | roader economif
Medical Hospital Branch

ccess to the market. BEIJING, Mao

c growth has sw | howed ◆increa3
Medical Hospital Branch

rch 5 (Xinhua) -- Numerical targP

sing signs of n | stabilizing si5
Medical Hospital Branch

ets to reduce coal and ●steel pJ

nce the latter7 | half of last y
Medical Hospital Branch

roduction capacity have, for the0

year, with ind0 | icators such ag
Medical Hospital Branch

first time, been set in t●he ac

s factory◆ pru | ices and indusc
Medical Hospital Branch

nnual Chinese government work rek

trial profits g | seeing signifiL
Medical Hospital Branch

port. China will reduce stee●l 8

cant improvemeU | nts. "Overall,k
Medical Hospital Branch

production capacity this year byI

the negative 9 | impact on g◆rq
Medical Hospital Branch

around 50 million metric tons ?

owth and emploA | yment is managl
Medical Hospital Branch

馻nd shut down at least 150 mill1

eable," wrote m | UBS economist k
Medical Hospital Branch

ion metric tons of coal productiS

Wang Tao in a 3 | note on excessa
Medical Hospital Branch

on● facilities, Premier Li Keqih

capacity. ZO | 鬗BIE ENTERPRI8
Medical Hospital Branch

ang said Sunday in a government I

SES NEXT One kb | ey initiative i
Medical Hospital Branch

work ●report to the fifth sessi8

in excess capaw | city reduction5
Medical Hospital Branch

on of the 12th National People's7

s is to shut dm | own "zombie co2
Medical Hospital Branch

Congres●s. Last year's governmV

m◆panies," whS | ich are loss-mP
Medical Hospital Branch

ent work report promised capacit2

aking, debt-la5 | den, and depen8
Medical Hospital Branch

y-cutting ●in the two industrieL

dent on governL | ment subsidiesN
Medical Hospital Branch

s, but did not specify targets. r

or bank loansP | . "◆We will se
Collect from /
Medical Hospital Branch

In 2016, the● country reduced cs

trictly enforcJ | e all laws, re9
Medical Hospital Branch

oal capacity by 290 million metrY

gulations and t | standards on e3
Medical Hospital Branch

ic tons and ste●el capacity by h

nvironmental pX | rotection, enen
Medical Hospital Branch

65 million metric tons for steel7

rgy co◆nsumptU | ion, quality, I
Medical Hospital Branch

, said the premier●. Continued 0

and safety and1 | make more useh
Medical Hospital Branch

capacity reduction is in line wi1

of market- anK | d law-based meV
Medical Hospital Branch

th market expectatio●ns. DIFFIC7

thods as we woM | rk to add◆resG
Medical Hospital Branch

ULT CUTS China is the world's laR

s the problemsJ | of 'zombie enZ
Medical Hospital Branch

rgest producer and co●nsumer ofN

terprises'," sA | aid the premien
Medical Hospital Branch

steel and coal, but gluts can hG

r in the goverj | nment work repA
Medical Hospital Branch

ave implications such as● deprer

ort. For wo◆rE | kers laid off S
Medical Hospital Branch

ssed commodity and materials prip

because of capf | acity cuts, th7
Medical Hospital Branch

ces, reduced profits of deb●t-r3

e central and R | local governmeX
Medical Hospital Branch

idden firms, and increased non-ps

nts will alloc9 | ate special fur
Medical Hospital Branch

erforming loans that jeopardiz●W

◆nds and takeo | measures to eV
Medical Hospital Branch

e financial stability. While capb

nsure they finU | d new jobs, LiP
Medical Hospital Branch

acity cuts are necessary and havy

said. CHANGSHR | A, Feb. 14 (XiV
Medical Hospital Branch

●e long-term benefits for the ea

nhua) -- Nine 9 | people have beg
Medical Hospital Branch

conomy, the process has not been3

en killed● ink | an explosion v
Medical Hospital Branch

wi●thout challenges. Capital-iY

in a coal mineO | in central Cht
Medical Hospital Branch

ntensive industries present poteg

ina's Hunan ●i | Province. Thet
Medical Hospital Branch

ntial● investment, taxation andm

entrance of Z0 | ubao Coal MineT
Medical Hospital Branch

jobs for local governments, whiD

where a blas? | 駎 occurred is8
Medical Hospital Branch

ch in at● least two cases brokeS

seen in LianyO | uan City, cent9
Medical Hospital Branch

capacity-cutting rules set by tv

ral China's Hu0 | na●n Provincer
Medical Hospital Branch

he central ●government. Huada SD

, Feb. 14, 201l | 7. At least eiu
Medical Hospital Branch

teel in eastern China's Jiangsu m

ght people werg | e con●firmed e
Medical Hospital Branch

Province and ●Anfeng Steel in nb

dead after theb | blast hit theG
Medical Hospital Branch

orthern China's Hebei Province w8

coal mine at V | 1:37 a.m●, loR
Medical Hospital Branch

ere identified b●y authorities D

cal authoritiej | s said on TuesX
Medical Hospital Branch

in December for violating capacit

day. (Xinhua/Lq | i Ga) The ●blC
Medical Hospital Branch

ty reduction effort●s in the se4

ast occurred a5 | t 1:37 a.m. TuT
Medical Hospital Branch

ctor with "extremely bad influenV

esday at ZubaoV | Coal Mine in
Medical Hospital Branch

ce." Thanks in part t●o the effu

?Lianyuan Cit2 | y, authoritiesj
Medical Hospital Branch

orts, China's broader economic g5

said.A total 3 | of 29 people wo
Medical Hospital Branch

rowth has showed increas●ing six

er●e working 1 | underground, 11
Medical Hospital Branch

gns of stabilizing since the latg

6 of whom manae | ged to escape 1
Medical Hospital Branch

ter half of last year, with● inp

from ●the sham | ft. Another fom
Medical Hospital Branch

dicators such as factory prices W

ur were rescueW | d.Three injurec
Medical Hospital Branch

and industrial profits seeing ●8

d miners● areC | being treatedM
Medical Hospital Branch

significant improvements. "Overa8

in hospital aB | nd described aF
Medical Hospital Branch

ll, the negative impact on growtw

s stable.Wo●r7 | k is continuinn
Medical Hospital Branch

●h and employment is manageable6

g to retrieve x | the bodies of 0
Medical Hospital Branch

," wrote UBS economist Wang Tao Z

three victims b | ●in the floodB
Medical Hospital Branch

in ●a note on excess capacity. 9

ed shaft.The lr | icensed coal m0

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ine with anp


annua●l prD

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oduction cT

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apacity ofr

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nes is owm

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Tooth treatment from early age

ZOMBIE ENTERPRISES NEXT One key init●iative in excess capacity reductions is to shut down "zombie comp●anies," which are loss-making, debt-laden, and dependent on gover●nment subsidiesE

Treating patients with modern technology

or bank loans. "We will strictly enforce all law●s, regulations and standards on environmental protection, energy ●consumption, quality, and safety and make more use of market- and● lF

Teach the children to keep their own health

aw-based methods as we work to address the problems of 'zombie ●enterprises'," said the premier in the government work report. F●or workers laid off because of capacity cuts, the centraO

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